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Puppy Pics

Skipper and Tahoe
Is this the way it's suppose to work?
Visiting Tahoe takes over Skipper's bed!

Harris's view of waiting for the metro

Gambit and new pup Adrienne

Alvy enjoys soaking up the sun

Sweet Dreams for Joseph and pup Dixie

Skipper rings in 2011!

Rona found the perfect pumpkin!

Sometimes class can be exhausting!
Sweet dreams, Harris.


Nap time for Henna and Rona.
How did they do that?

Picasso, what nice teeth you have!

Picasso and Gambit visit the Naval Academy

Buster, Gambit and Picasso showing how
to 'Settle'

Skipper masters the Art of Shopping!


Pup Skipper takes Paul to the beach


Barbara, Elmore and Geordi taking in
a sunny day

Skipper in his new home. He's the little guy!

Curtis and Pup Eben at the Cherry Blossoms

Pepsi and Jackie on an outing to the airport

Pup Pepsi enjoys a relaxing day
in the snow.

Pup Faraday loves going after those snow flakes.

Pup Eben takes time to pose in the snow.

Pup "Rain" meets "Snow"

Pup Truman takes a walk
on the icy street.

Pepsi takes a break from class to visit one of the residents of Chesterbrook.


Once there were four pups sitting on a bench...
Pepsi patiently waits while being weighed.

Patrick is quietly checking out the butterfly.

Halo, Pepsi, Patrick and Jackie take a break from training.

Pup Pepsi sees eye to eye with her neighbor.

Pup Jackie takes a rest at the Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC.

Pup Truman enjoys his first pool experience.

Pup Arthur with Judy

Pup Pepsi (at left) enjoys some time with pet Murphy and her neighbor.

Pup Mack takes in the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

Two handsome guys! Pup Elgin with raiser Curtis.

Pup Mack shows his patriotism.

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